We use our documentary film, book and accompanying workshop as transformative tools to educate and engage young people in a conversation about sex and healthy relationships with a specific focus on consent.


We provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for young people to learn and develop their own thoughts on sex, and encourage them to have healthier relationships, equipped with a better understanding of consent.

Our aims  

Broaden understanding of consent, sexual assault and rape.

Challenging pre-conceived ideas, judgments and misconceptions.

Exploring Gender Identity, privilege, roles and expectations.

Developing skills in effective communication and expression.

Building self worth, self esteem and developing body positivity. 

Empowering young people to have autonomy over their bodies.

Safeguarding - navigating modern relationships on and offline.

Encouraging respect, positive choices and decisions.

Preventing young people from becoming victims or perpetrators.


Our creative workshops involve a combination of discussion, movement and drama-based exercises. Drama gives people an opportunity to take on characters and understand how it feels to be someone else. This can be a gentle way of looking at issues without disclosing personal experiances or information. 

Using both stories collected from the project and recent cases of sexual violence that have been widely reported in the media we look at sexual violence from a variety of different angles and perspectives, and consider how society ‘determines’ and treats both victims and perpetrators.


Drama gives people an opportunity to role play, imagine and identify with different characters/experiences and thus encourage critical thinking and empathy with other position and persons. We find this can a be a gentle but very powerful way of looking at issues without disclosing personal experiences or information. 


We are touring universities throughout March in honour of International Women's Day, we will go on to tour the workshops at schools, pupil referral units, youth offending services, colleges, youth centres and community projects.

We are able to tailor our programme to suit different ages, and sensitivities. Meeting the specific needs and covering relevant topics for each individual group. 


We believe in the power of young people’s voices, therefore our team of facilitators are all aged under 30. With this we hope to be more relatable and approachable. 


Each of our sessions are run by two facilitators. Should anyone feel triggered at any point, and want to step out of the space, we can offer support to that person.


100 Women I Know was founded by a collective of sexual violence survivors. With this in mind our workshop content is designed to open the conversations we wish we’d had earlier. Many of our facilitators are also survivors, which means they can also draw from their own experience and are driven to create change.



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