The Art of Consent 

In collaboration with Ash Magazine and Break The Habit Press we are hosting our first ever launch event, as part of the UN Women #HeForShe Arts week 2018.

We will be exploring how the arts can contribute to our understanding of sexual violence, via our award-winning documentary, powerful spoken word performances and an exhibition of art in the female gaze, by women and NB folx. 

As well as:

- Inspiring panel discussion  'How do we create a culture of consent?'

With panelists The Slumflower, Sophie Walker, Dr Fiona Vera-Gray, Richie Brave

and Ben Hurst of 'The Good Lad Initiative'.

- Book launch and reading: 100 Women I Know

- Virtual Reality experience by Nasty Women UK

- Spoken word performances: Cecilia Knapp, Iggy LDN, Kit Finnie, Jazmin Vane

- DJ set from BBZ

Expect to gain insight on an important issue. Expect to feel empowered. Expect to openly discuss sexual violence.


We are raising money for UN Women. 


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