Redefining Consent 

We’ll be screening our award-winning documentary and performing a reading from our book as well as a thought provoking panel discussion. 


Despite its name, sexual violence is more about power than it is about sex. When someone rapes, assaults, or harasses, the motivation often stems from the perpetrator's need for dominance and control. 


Although it happens both in heterosexual and same sex relationships, this understanding of power hierarchy is rooted in the stereotypical patriarchal definitions of (toxic) masculinity & (fragile) femininity. 


Join us for an intimate evening of safe and honest conversation as we discuss:

- Do gender expectations – for both men and women - perpetuate a pattern of violence? 

- How are our expectations of sexual pleasure and communication different between genders?

- How can we broaden our understanding of consent and effectively practice consensual sex?

Panelists include:

Poet, playwright and performer Tanaka Mhishi. Golchehr Hamidi-Manesh (MA Gender & Sexuality) from Libreria. Nathaniel A Cole co-founder of Swim Dem Crew, writer, researcher and workshop facilitator of The Great Men Initiative. Dr Rachael O’Neill, author and feminist academic researcher from University of York.

All the money raised from the ticket sales is dedicated to improvements and maintenance of Libreria's school for orphans and disadvantage children, Kibera in Nairobi.


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