Palo Santo translates in English as "Holy Wood" this sacred wood is native to select parts of South America, where it has been widley used for centuries due to its healing and cleansing properties.


When burnt, the wood can be used to calm, clear and energetically cleanse your body or space, disapating negative energies and raise vibrations. The smoke is rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes.


The wood is an effecttive aid for:

+ Releasing and Easing emotional trauma.

+ Releaving Stress and Anxiety.

+ Meditation and relaxation.


Our Palo Santo wood is sustainably harvested from the northern forests of Peru, and naturally dried for 5 - 7 years. Sourced in Peru and packaged in London.


To use:

Place the end of the stick over a naked flame (a lighter or a tealight works well). Set your intention while you're waiting for the Palo Santo to light. When the tip is lit, allow to burn for 20seconds then blow to extinguish. Allow the fragrant smoke to fill the room. Each stick can be used multiple times.



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