100 Women I Know, is a short documentary film, based on 100 responses to a questionnaire about rape and sexual assault.


The film is comprised of interviews with four young women and the insight into these brave women’s experiences is powerful, eye-opening and thought provoking. With this film we aim to initiate more open conversations about rape, and confront the taboo that surrounds it, as it is this taboo that stops rape survivors from sharing.


This film will seek to remind the audience that these contributors are relatable women with unique and individual personalities – not only victims of rape. From hearing these women’s stories, and their reflections on their experiences, 100 Women I Know encourages you to consider the (often unshared) stories of the women you know.




Director’s statement 


I was inspired and driven to make this film because of my own experiences, I wanted to feel less alone. In the process of making this film, I have found my voice and in turn hope to encourage other women to find theirs too. Rape is so often internalised and kept secret; sharing is so important and empowering. The medium of film can be an invaluable tool for change and I have witnessed the chain reaction effect of women sharing. I hope that this film will help strengthen solidarity with all survivors and be a small catalyst for change towards what is such a huge and pressing issue. - Phoebe Montague

Watching the film

100 Women I Know is currently on the festival circuit. The film is also often screened at events we host.

A screener is available on request.

Lisbon International Film Festival - Portugal

22nd September 2017

The UnderWire Film Festival - UK

25th November 2017

WINNER - Editing Award

London Short Film Festival - UK

13th January 2018 at Curzon Cinema.

17th January 2018 at RichMix


FlickerFest - Australia

16th January 2018

POW (Portland Oregon Women's) Film Festival - USA

11th March 2018

Berlin Feminist Film Week - Germany

12th March 2018

The Art of Consent - UK

15th March 2018

Cleveland International Film Festival - USA

11th April 2018

12th April 2018

Newport Beach Film Festival - USA

2nd May 2018

Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival - UK

20th May 2018

WINNER - Best Emerging Talent

Bristol Independant Film Festival - UK

15th September 2018

16th September 2018

Aesthetica Short Film Festival - UK

7th - 11th November 2018

Bolton Film Festival - UK

1st - 3rd October 2019

WINNER - Film For Change

Shorts On Tap 'Women In Revolt - UK

7th December 2019