Our Events

Awareness & community events

We host large scale awareness events featuring trailblazing change-makers from within the arts, politics and education. At these events we explore the causes and consequences of rape and sexual assault culture, whilst offering the opportunity to broaden our collective understanding of sexual violence, and challenge the harmful myths and stereotypes. With these events we initiate important conversations, delve into sexual violence, consent, sex, relationships, pleasure,  gender, patriarchy + more.

We host community events with a focus of bringing together our large community offline to socialise, celebrate and strengthen solidarity between survivors and our allies.

We wholeheartedly believe in intersectionality and in the importance of passing the mic to people of all race, gender identity, sexuality, ability, class, religion and background. We endeavour to offer platform to a diverse spectrum of speakers, artists and performers at every event we host.

Intimate workshops

Recognising the need to come together as a community in a more intimate setting and participatory way we began hosting workshops and sharing circles. We create safe and nurturing environments for people to explore their individual story and meet likeminded people. 

What people say:

"I appreciated having someone verbalise things I have been struggling with. Hearing similar accounts from other young women, being able to relate to someone finally."

"This workshop helped me carve creative ownership over the feelings that arose which made creating the artwork that bit more therapeutic."

"I would go as far to say it was the best night I've had this year.

You are doing an incredible thing!" 

"I felt safe. My emotions were allowed to exist without being shut

down. I felt cared for even though it was my first time meeting everyone in the room. What I took away was the sense of

community but also a lot of questions to reflect over."

"It was the first time I placed my self in an environment where

such issues were being spoken about out loud."